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Putting her coconuts on display at the side of the street.This young lady wants to sell coconuts.The lady's shop is ready to receive her first customers.The lady bakes breakfast for the early passersby.Breakfast is almost ready: Kuzhi Paniyaram is the name of the delicatessen.It looks really delicious.  Kuzhi Paniyaram is the name of the delicatessen.Near a small Ganesha shrine, the lady bakes crepes.Kind of crepes or tortillas.The name of these fried delicatessen is Kajura,The lady is on her way to her favorite spot in town to sell her apples.Heavily loaded truck brings bales of cotton.Three men needed to put one bale on the back of one man.One man can carry a bale of cotton on his back.It's only cotton, still the bale looks very heavy.A dropped bale needs more then one man to put on one's back.Three men to load the bale back on the truck.Just hope the bale doesn't roll off.Man on his way with the bale of cotton on his back.One bale has been ripped open showing the raw cotton.

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