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Closeup of travel gear store front facade, Guilin, China.SunCome Supermarket front facade, Guilin, China.Motorbikes in front of hardware store, Guilin, China.Closeup of refrigerator with ad for Coca-Cola, Guilin, China.Red entrance of Hua Cui hotel in street, Guilin, China.All Chinese fast food restaurant in street, Guilin, China.Shoe repair and shining folks on street, Guilin, China.Chinese fast food restaurant, Guilin, China.Red entrance of Hua Cui hotel and others in street, Guilin, ChinNight shot of red facade restaurant in street scene, Guilin, ChiTraditional house with wooden balconies in street scene, Guilin,Statue of Ma Yuan, Guilin, China.Busy intersection, Guilin, China.Detail of residential facade with laundry in windows, Guilin, ChApartment buildings with flats, Guilin, China.

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