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The Amber fort AKA Amber palace.A bid on top and elephants in the right bottom corner at the Amber Fort in the morning.Main entrance gate to the Amber Fort.It is an impressive fortification.Crossing at the entrance of Amber Fort.Elephants bring visitors to the fort.Spice garden in artificial lake at the foot of Amber Fort.Facade of palace inside the Amber Fort.Majestic entrance to the palace.Decorations at the main entrance to the Palace at Amber Fort.Elephant statues support roofs at Amber fort.Decorated partition of one of the walls at the palace at Amber Fort.Flowers edge out of marble.Colors derived from flowers to paint flowers on the walls of Amber Palace..Beautiful painting on the wall of Amber Fort.Decoration of the ceiling.Painting on the ceiling at Amber palace.Painting on the ceiling of a dome at Amber palace.Walls decorates with paint and marble in-lays.Looking through Amber palace and the mirror walls.

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