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Binh Thuan: top of Tapioca stalks.Binh Thuan: tapioca stalks ready for shipment.Binh Thuan: bundles of tapioca stalks.Binh Thuan: Fence made of tapioca stalks.Lao Cai Province: Bags of tapioca root for sale.Lao Cai Province: Close up of bagged tapioca root.Binh Thuan: cutting the roots.Binh Thuan: filling the basins.Binh Thuan: hard work to slice up the roots.Binh Thuan: filling the basin with the roots.Binh Thuan: tapioca roots.Binh Thuan: bagging the dried slices of tapioca.Binh Thuan: spreading the sliced up roots to dry.Binh Thuan: grandmother's job is to shuffle through the slices to turn them.Binh Thuan: drying slices of tapioca in the sun.Binh Thuan: dried slices of tapioca.Cu Chi - Saigon, boiled tapioca for human consumption.

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