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INDIA: Narender Singh.INDIA: Friendly woman carrying her bucket home in the streets of Nagaur.INDIA: Happy Muslim fellow, eager to have his picture taken.INDIA: Muslim women visiting the park.INDIA: A male specimen out of Rajasthan.INDIA: White beans for sale.INDIA: What could you refuse him?Rural Varanasi: The daughter in law of the farmer.INDIA: Concerned woman.Rural Varanasi: Extremely friendly widow of the village.INDIA: Can you spare a dime?INDIA: Young man.INDIA: Mr. Singh, maharaja keeper of the sanctuary.INDIA: Teenager with bandana.INDIA: Wired young man.INDIA: What do we do next?INDIA: Smiling young man in the streets of Nagaur.INDIA: Sikh guards taking a rest.INDIA: Bearded man in Nagaur.INDIA: What are you taking my picture for?

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