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Belfry.Frontal view on Belfry and part of Markt in Bruges, Flanders, BeBelfry and part of Markt in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Belfry with tower and square in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Canal bridge with Belfry towerBelfry tower.Close up of Belfry tower.Closeup of Belfry tower in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Clock tower of Belfry in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Belfry Tower over canal houses.Belfry tower.Belfry over canal houses.Most common view of medieval Bruges against blue cloudy skies.Most photographed spot of Bruges during a black night.The Belfry tower peeps over roofs.Belfry tower over house roofs.Belfry tower peeps over trep gable  in Bruges, Flanders, BelgiumMusician plays the carillon in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Larger selection of Petit and Fritsen bells of carillon in Bruge

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