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INDIA: Friendly woman carrying her bucket home in the streets of Nagaur.VIETNAM Bac Ha: Charming veggie vendor.INDIA: Happy Muslim fellow, eager to have his picture taken.CHINA: Guilin park: little girl grabbing her face.VIETNAM Hanoi: Graduating students at the temple of literature.INDIA: Muslim women visiting the park.Portrait of young farmer, Ayodhya, Karnataka, IndiaCHINA: Beijing kids with balls.VIETNAM: Vinh CityINDIA: A male specimen out of Rajasthan.LAPLAND: Heidi Korhonen, choir director.ECUADOR: Shopping in Quito.VIETNAM Hoi An: shop ownerCHINA: Shanghai: old couple.INDIA: White beans for sale.VIETNAM: Farmer in Binh Dinh Province.INDIA: What could you refuse him?VIETNAM Sapa: Mother and child.INDIA: Rural Varanasi: The daughter in law of the farmer.CHINA: Beijing Summer Palace: woman.

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