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Red gate at entrance to Pagoda street in Chinatown, Singapore.Food street in Chinatown offers seating in shade, Singapore.Roof structure pillar of Chinatown in Singapore.Statue of fisherman carrying baskets on shoulder pole in ChinatoStatue of worker carrying heavy bag on shoulder in Chinatown, SiCloseup of painted facades in Chinatown, Singapore.The Royal at Chinatown, Singapore.Historic red facade in Chinatown, Singapore.Historic corner with balcony house in Chinatown, Singapore.Portrait of Historic corner with balcony house in Chinatown, SinSAM Peoples Park Complex tower in Chinatown, Singapore.Facades on intersection of Trengganu and Pagoda streets in ChinaGolden Buddha statue used as charity drive in Chinatown, SingapoGood Luck kiosk in Chinatown, Singapore.Ice Cream booth in Chinatown, Singapore.Fish skin and Potato chips booth in Chinatown, Singapore.Colorful suit jacket in Chinatown, Singapore.Group of hotel buildings around Peck Seah Street in Chinatown, SSouth Bridge Road block in Chinatown, Singapore.Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited in Chinatown, Singap

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