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Hanoi: The perfect couple.Hanoi: Young boy at the park.Hanoi: Artist writes in Vietnamese Calligraphy.Hanoi: Taking a picture with the smart phone.Hanoi: Selling drinking water in the streets of Hanoi.Hanoi: Young Vietnamese woman at the park.Hanoi: Doing the dishes in the street of Old Quarter.Hanoi: Graduating students at the temple.Hanoi: Bride and groom in front of giant bell.Duong Lam: Hauling coal.Duong Lam: School teacher.Duong Lam: Kid in the village.Duong Lam: Caretaker of temple.Duong Lam: Cutting tooth pricks.Duong Lam: Older woman.Duong Lam: Women making mortar by hand.Duong Lam: Young girls coming to look at westerners.Duong Lam: War hero.Hanoi country side: Parent looking after children in bike shop.Hanoi country side: Serving tea for customers outside Hanoi.

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