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View from the temple veranda.Entrance to the temple grounds.Gopuram, central tower of the temple.Peacock on the Gopuram of Rathinagiri Hill Temple in Vellore.Side of the Gopuram, seen from the steps leading to the veranda.Side of the Gopuram, seen from the steps leading to the veranda.Top of the Gopuram, tower, of the temple.Dhakshinamoorthy statue on the gopuram.Lord Shiva statue and Lord Murugan, his son, sitting on his knee.Gate keeper on the tower.Murugan on his peacock mount.Detail: Krittikai maidens discover Arumugam as six infant boys.Temple column.Detail of Temple column.Decoration on outside wall.Decoration on outside wall.Detail of outside column.Sri Dakshinamurthy, the avatar of Lord Shiva, as a teacher-guru, who brings knowledge and takes ignorance away.Flag post at entrance of temple.Lord Murugan and his two wives, Valli and Deivayanai.

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