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Mother and toddler boy.Unloading a van.Trying to clean the side of the street, somewhat.Old lady bought a basket full of fruits and is now on her way to her neighborhood where she will sell the fruit.Lady did her morning shopping for her and her neighbors.Sleeping in front of the business while waiting till the boss arrives.Yes! We can! But, the receptacles must be larger or must be emptied sooner.Busy morning scene in shopping street.Papayas on display and for sale.Lady carries her purchases on her head.Photographer tries carrying basket on her head.Everybody seems to want to sell something.A busy corner in old Madurai where fruit is sold.Poster promotes fireworks for sale.Sleeping in front of the shop while waiting till the boss arrives.Man bought some stone crocks.Flower garlands for sale.The fast food stop on the corner is popular in the morning.In this satellite store room of the Meenakshi Temple, the chariots are stored.The employees wait in front of their closed shops.

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