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Approaching the city on the river, looking at Macarthur Street bridge and tall office buildings, all under heavy cloudscape. Green shores.The circular basin is Parramatta harbor. A dam with open floodgates controls flow in river. Heavy cloudscape. Geen belt and office tower under construction.Red brick Bell tower on the side of the modern Parramatta Local Court building under heavy sky. Traffic light and green trees.Garfield Barwick Commonwealth Law Courts Building and Family Court. Street scene, clock tower, Australian flag under heavy sky.Red brick with beige trim, castle-like George Street Gatehouse, entrance to Domain park with Government House under heavy rainy sky. Green trees.Beige, two-level colonial Government House in Domain park under heavy rainy sky. Green trees and lawn.View in park.Wild parrots on tree.Wild parrot on lawn.Mushrooms in park.Horse statue on top of historic house along Macquarie Street intersection Church Street. Brown building under heavy rainy sky.Saint Johns Anglican Cathedral Church entrance facade with two spires on beige towers and narrow nave entrance under heavy rainy sky.Brown historic Town Hall building under heavy rainy sky. Lanterns and green vegetation around.

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