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Fort of Gwalior built on a cliff.Front view of the fort of Gwalior.Ramparts of fort.Wall of the fort facing the town of Gwalior.Ceremonial entrance gate of Gwalior's Palace and fort.Detail of the decorations on top of the walls of Gwalior fort.Corner construction on the top of Gwalior fort.Elephants as decoration of Gwalior Fort's facade.Row of ducks as a detail of Gwalior Fort's facade.Detail of Gwalior fort's facade with tiger.Decorated studs to hold ceiling at Gwalior fort.Decorated stud to hold ceiling at Gwalior Fort.Decorations of the side of the courtyard inside Gwalior fort.Wall of courtyard inside Gwalior fort.Decorations above the doorways.Courtyard in palace.Courtyard in palace.Decorated doorway.

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