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Smiling fishermen on boat return to Da Nang Port, Vietnam.2 Small fishing vessels in front of sea dam in Da Nang Port, VieBinh Nguyen 36 ship leaves Da Nang Port, Vietnam.Three river coast vessels leaving Da Nang Port, Vietnam.Closeup of small blue fishing vessel returning to Da Nang Port,Closeup of small recreational fishing vessel returning to Da NanBinh Nguyen 36 sailing the bay Da Nang Port, Vietnam.Binh Nguyen 36 crosses fishing vessels on bay off Da Nang Port,Small fishing vessels behind top of protective sea dam in Da NanSmall fishing vessel returning to Da Nang Port, Vietnam.Small blue and green fishing boat sails in Da Nang Port, VietnamFishing vessel actively fishing in Da Nang Port, Vietnam.

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