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Looking from the south east corner over the lake to the north west corner.Buds on the Cay Gao tree along the lake.Remembering 1000 years anniversary of Hanoi.Gardening around the World Peace monument.Flags at the Ngoc Son temple.First part of entrance to Ngoc Son temple.Tiger mural at entrance to Ngoc Son temple.Detail of mural at Ngoc Son temple.Third gate of the entrance to the Ngoc Son temple.Mural at Ngoc Son temple.Altar in Ngoc Son temple.Women worshipping at the altar in Ngoc Son temple.Small altar at Ngoc Son temple.Statue of General Tran Hung Dao in the Ngoc Son temple.Incense burning in front of Ngoc Son temple.Burning a cigarette works too.Lotus on water at the Ngoc Son temple.The Turtle tower in Hoan Kiem Lake.The famous turtle tower in Hoan Kiem Lake.

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