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Female devotees at Brahma Jinalaya temple, Lakkundi, Karnataka,Closeup of woman in yellow-blue sare at Brahma Jinalaya temple,Closeup of laughing woman in blue sari, Lakundi, Karnataka, IndiWomen fills jars with water at communal pump in Lakundi, KarnataWoman in blue-brown sari carries jar on head in Lakundi, KarnataSquatting woman doing laundry in Lakundi, Karnataka, IndiaCloseup of sitting mother and daughter, Lakundi, Karnataka, IndiCloseup of little girl, Lakundi, Karnataka, IndiaCloseup of 2 farm hands, Halagere, Karnataka, India.Closeup of 3 farm hands, Halagere, Karnataka, India.2 gardeners needed for 1 grass mower at Brahma Jinalaya temple,

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