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Mountain top looming above Seward - Alaska.The one and only main street of Seward - Alaska.Showing where to find the South.Birds in captivity in the Aquarium of Seward - Alaska.Southern tip of Seward - Alaska.Scenery on the bay opposite Seward - Alaska.Yacht harbor in Seward Alaska.Yacht harbor in Seward - Alaska.Big cruise ship in Seward - Alaska.Bay side of main street in Seward - Alaska.Backdrop for Seward's yacht harbor.Loading crane and transport belt to load coal in ships (Seward, Alaska)Bird in the harbor of Seward - Alaska.Seward (Alaska) is located at the end of Resurrection Bay.A fishing vessel returns under a cloudy sky to Seward - Alaska.Mountain scenery on the bay near Seward - Alaska.RV park along the bay in Seward - Alaska.Monster from the deep?Yacht harbor of Seward - Alaska.US Coast Guard vessel in the harbor of Seward - Alaska.

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