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The main banana vendor street of Madurai.One street houses all the banana wholesalers.Counting his money before buying his bananas.A row of banana businesses selling nothing else but bananas.This cluster of bananas need to be sold today!Cutting off a "hand" of bananas from the cluster.A special breed of bananas: shorter, thicker and sweeter. Delicious!Carrying two clusters of bananas.Carrying two clusters of bananas.Bicycle cart full of green banana clusters.Vendor keeps track of all his sales in a notebook.Negotiating for the best deal.Long line of banana booths.A collection of banana clusters.Loading a cluster of bananas on the retailer's motorbike.A banana cluster on display.Heap of banana clusters stacked on a push cart.Retailer bought a bunch of banana-hands and walks them now to her shop.The vendor specialized in selling banana leaves.Wall of religious symbols in the back of this vendor's shop.

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