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Mother of God.Madonna by Michelangelo.Red stone Madonna statue, Bruges, BelgiumOne of the many Madonna statues in Bruges.Closeup of Mater Dolorosa fresco, Bruges, BelgiumTypical street view.Moses and Lady Justice on Justice Palace on Burg Square.Lady Justice on top of old Justice palace on Burg Square.Two figurines in front of window along Dyver canal.Coat of arms on gate of Gruuthuse Museum.Flags on house facades: Europe, Belgium, Flanders, Bruges.One of the "stations of the cross" at old Sint Jan Hospital.Concert Hall of Concert Gebouw in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Smallest spy window in Gruuthuse Palace, Bruges, BelgiumSmallest window of Europe is in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Onze Lieve Vrouw cathedral behind Gruuthuse entrance, Bruges, BeCloseup of monumental Gruuthuse gate, Bruges, BelgiumWater pump for horses of carriages in Bruges, Flanders, Belgium.Horse of carriage eats out of bucket, Bruges, Belgium

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