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heap of clay statues fire turned into stone.Closeup of heap of clay statues turned into stone by fire, pretty much the same way bricks are produced.Statues stacked to wait for further processing.Larger raw statues are cleaned and polished outside the atelier.A collection of Shivalingams during the cleaning and polish process.The atelier where the statues are manually painted.A group of artisans paint manually the small statues.A raw lay statue ready to be painted.A collection of identical statues waiting to be painted.St. Joseph statuettes on a heap.A collection of camel statuettes.A collection of sheep statuettes.Raw sheep statuettes.The Christian baby Jesus in a crib of straw.Heap of raw Hindu statuettes, some of them damaged.The lady selects statuettes to be painted. She washes them and may correct errors.The man paints the head of the Christian baby Jesus in its crib.The lady paints a Vishnu statuette.Adding pink to the statuette.Adding pink.

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