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Aerial view over big ass historic hotel near the river in Banff - Canada.The river meanders in the valley.The island in the river.The rapids of Banff - Canada under day sunlight.Late afternoon light over Banff falls.Evening falls over Banff falls.Wild white water splashes at Banff falls during sunset.A storm gathers over the mountains at sunset in Banff.A fast approaching storm rises above the mountains during sunset.Fast flowing river under blue skies.Wide fast flowing river in the mountains near Banff.Landing for rubber rafts along the river.Dark clouds are moving in during sunset on the river.Sunset in the Canadian Rockies.Sunset on the mountain and the river.Long narrow island strip in the valley river at sunset.Sunset on the valley river.The river meanders in the valley.Meanders create islands in the river.The island in the river.

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