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First gate at the street.Monumental gate at the entrance of the temple grounds.Closeup of the sign on top of the monumental gate.The monumental gate seen from the temple grounds.Monumental gate seen from near the main hall.Statue of female figure in the garden around the temple.Stella sign on the temple grounds.Closed side hall.The giant bell in its tower.Woodcarving detail of bell tower: the fox as the messenger.Bodhisattva Kshitigarbha, protector of children, also known in Japan as Jizo or Ojizo-sama.Lantern statue in front of main hall.Protective Buddha sits in lotus.Protective preaching Buddha sits in lotus.Statues at the border of Buddhist cemetery.Meditating Bodhisatthva. statue.Obelisk on tomb at cemetery.Buckets for caretakers of cemetery.Wooden boards left by worshipers at temple entrance. Boards hold prayers and pleas.Main hall.

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