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Portrait of little girl in pink playing with cups, Chongqing, ChLittle girl in pink puts cups in a row, Chongqing, China.Little girl in pink puts cups in one stack, Chongqing, China.Young boy in blue waves hand, Chongqing, China.Closeup of 2 little girls playing on square, Chongqing, China.Group of people practicing Tai Chi, Chongqing, China.Closeup of girls drawing on paper at square, Chongqing, China.Crying boy toddler on back of mother, Chongqing, China.Closeup of woman in red-black shirt, Chongqing, China.Group of police officers at their mobile station, Chongqing, ChiGroup of people practicing Tai Chi in Chongqing, China.Group of people perform Tai Chi in Chongqing Zoo, China.Families strolling in Chongqing, China.

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