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Table setting at large Sushi restaurant.The great Kanto Earthquake is supposedly the reason Sushi was created.The fish ready to be cut up.The Chef accepts the fish.The fish loses its head.The body of the fish is already cut in two.The fins are removed.Slices of the fish are cut.The skin will be "peeled" off with a knife.In a quick move the entire skin comes off.The skin of the second part comes off.Sushi style slices are cut.Sushi style slices are presented.The Chef demonstrates how to add the little rice ball to a slice of Sushi fish.A bit of wasabi is added to the fish.A ball of rice was taken with the right hand out of a pot of semi-warm rice and put on top of the fish and the wasabi.The package is turned so that the rise rest in the palm of the hand with the fish on top.The middle finger of the right hand pushes the fish hard on the rice, while the left hand closes.The package is turned back showing the fish on top.A selection of sashimi Sushi is brought to the table.

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