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Guardian with stick.Detail of the dome of the Nai-ka-gumbad or Barber's tomb.Nai-ka-Gumbad or Barber's tomb.Detail of Afsarwala tomb on the same site.Top of the entrance gate to the park of the tomb.Door of one of the side buildings in the garden.View on the outer wall of the garden, with a couple of palm trees.Mosque at the site.Entrance gate as seen from the platform of the tomb.Reflection of part of the tomb in one of the pools of the garden.View on the tomb on top of its platform.Frontal view from the entrance gate on the tomb.View along one of the water canals in the garden.Upper structure of the tomb peeping over the edge of the platform.View from the platform at the corner of the tomb.View from the garden at the side of the tomb.View at the tomb through one of the window grids in the gate building.Alcove with stone screen in window.Wider view on the tomb through the window grid at the gate.Grid or grill in stone shielding the window.

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