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Narrow streets in old town.Early morning is the time to clean the house and to refresh the Rangoli-drawings.Cows wander near the public water pump where the ladies fetch water to take home.The dog is kicked outside...Public water pump in an alley.Open sewer in the narrowest alleys.Rangoli-drawings in front of small house.Vishnu symbols fixed on the door of a house.Shrine for Ayyanar, the village protector, here the neighborhood protector.Closeup of Ayyanar. Vishnu symbols around him.One of the many alleys in old town.A relaxed morning talk on the steps of the home.Fetching water at the public pump.Doing the dishes on the front steps of the home.The local shop will open soon!A little shrine in a nook of the alley.A larger house has a nice balcony on the second level.Ancient model of mortar and pestle to crack and mill grain into flour.Public water pump in old town.Alley in old town.

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