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The local Catholic church.People on the road, the blue church and the colorful church chariot.The chariot is held in scaffolds.The chariot in scaffolds.Teenagers waiting for the Dindigul bus.Young students waiting for the Dindigul bus.Women waiting for each other to walk together to the job in the fields.Lady walking with tools in a basket on top of her head.Closeup of her head.Older lady ready to walk to her job in the fields.Lady with her food and drink on her head.Here they go!Bye, bye. Friends are waiting for them farther on.Public bus stop is flooded!The bus stop on the other side of the road is dry, though.Political symbols painted on the wall of a house.Political symbol painted on the wall of a house.More political symbols.Well, the chickens haven't arrived yet at this roadside booth.Strings for sale in a local shop.

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