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Dead trees, cactus and desert scrub against red rock cliff.Red rock towers in the blue sky.Wide view over towering red rock rising out of the desert against blue skies.Wide view with desert details against red cliffs and blue skies.Desert scenery with red rocks in background against blue skies.Massive red rock tower in the Arizona desert.Iconic Christian chapel in the mountains.Sun sets in the red rock mountains.Sun sets on the red rock cliffs in the desert.A wall of red rocks towers in the desert at sunset.Cactus in the desert blooms in the fall.Wide view over Oak Creek crossing with Cathedral Rock in background.Cathedral Rock as seen from Oak Creek Crossing.Cathedral Rock.Vegetation, red rock cliffs, and desert.Cactus on a slow move over the desert floor.Cathedral Rock framed by vegetation in the foreground.Blooming vegetation in the desert.Red rock towers over vegetation under blue skies.Turtle head cliff.

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