Claudine Van Massenhove | The Beautiful people
Woman in Billekere doing her laundry is a pond.Girl in Hunsur.Girl in Hunsur crushing limestones.Women at the lime processing operation in Hunsur.woman carries laundry on her head in Naralapura.Older lady with banana plant on field at Naralapura.Old farmer in Nilavagilukaval.Grandmother in Nilavagilukaval.Young girl in Nilavagilukaval.Three children in Nilavagilukaval.Mother and daughter in Nilavagilukaval.Young mother and daughter in Nilavagilukaval.Young mother and daughter in Nilavagilukaval.Mellahalli Karnataka Rajyotsava: Goddess Bhuvaneshvari.Mellahalli Karnataka Rajyotsava: politicians.Mellahalli Karnataka Rajyotsava.Mellahalli Karnataka Rajyotsava: girl of the National Cadet Corps.Mellahalli Karnataka Rajyotsava: acrobats.Mellahalli Karnataka Rajyotsava: School music band..Mellahalli Karnataka Rajyotsava: school girls.

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