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Horse Carriage.Old Pharmacy Dreypondt in Bruges, Belgium.French Fries and Waffles."Wullocks" sea snails.Sign at beer pub.Brugs Beertje is World famous Belgian beer pub in Bruges, FlandePharmacy Latruwe Christine in Braambergstraat, Bruges, BelgiumOxfam Wereldwinkel facade, Bruges, BelgiumCook and Serve store, Bruges, BelgiumPharmacy Neyt in Geldmuntstraat, Bruges, BelgiumDampshop, electronic cigarets in Bruges, BelgiumFront of famous House of Waffles, Bruges, BelgiumThe Old Chocolate House, Bruges, BelgiumHands making lacePolice station wagon, Bruges, BelgiumCloseup of HGC-Hanos delivery truck, Bruges, Belgium

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