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Cathedral of Saint Mary building seen from chancel side, Sydney,Cathedral of Saint Mary building seen from Hyde Park, Sydney, AuSide entrance of St. Mary's CathedralCathedral of Saint Mary building side entrance, Sydney, AustraliFrontal view of brown stone Saint Mary Cathedral under gray sky with its two spires and monumental facade and stairway up. No people.Details of black Archibald fountain backed by the two spires of Saint Mary Cathedral, all under gray rainy cloudscape. Some green of surrounding park.Closeup of historic statue of Our Lady with the child Jesus on side of Saint Mary Cathedral. Stone blackened by mold and fire on pedestal.Black bronze statue of nun with two children named Saint Mary of the Cross on side of brown facade of Saint Marys Cathedral. Ms. Mckillop was the first saint of Australia.Close up of Bronze statue of Pope John Paul The Great on side of brown facade of Saint Marys Cathedral. Sculpted by Fiorenzo Bacci.Chancel with purple-dressed altar, gothic tabernacle, white statues, and large stained window in back. Rather dark alcove like setting. Benches and pulpit in front.Backdrop and stained window of Chancel.Backdrop and stained window of Chancel.Closeup of colorfully dressed young Jesus, king of the world with sacred heart, golden crown and the globe in his left hand. Statue in front of brown wall.

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