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Sunset on the main entrance and gate lock of Nagaur Fort.Evening light on the intermediary gate in the entrance lock of Nagaur Fort.View on part of the battlements and rampart of Nagaur Fort with the town in the background..Gallery with door at Nagaur Fort.Women doing laundry at Nagaur fort.Sunset on small gate inside Nagaur Fort.Looking through five arches at Nagaur's Fort.Line with drying cloths and Caretaker's dwelling at Nagaur's Fort.Small Hindu temple built against the ouside wall of Nagaur Fort.Stairs leading to the roof of house at Nagaur Fort.Loading hay on the wagon at Nagaur's Fort.Sunset on ruins at Nagaur's Fort.Rampart of Nagaur's Fort.Rampart and battlements at Nagaur Fort.Dome structures on the rampart at Nagaur's Fort.Upper level of rampart at Nagaur's Fort.Servant and flag at the tent camp in Nagaur.View from the top of the Palace onto the tent camp at Nagaur.Evening falls over the tent camp in Nagaur.Man delivers water to the tents at Nagaur's Fort.

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