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Father holds daughter who is about to be shaved bald.The shaving is about to start. The girl doesn't like it.No, she doesn't.Really, she absolutely doesn't like it.For a few seconds she'll have the crane of a monk.Then, the sides fall to the knife.She's almost half bald and she still doesn't like it.What a shame! She told them, she didn't want it.The acceptance kicks in.Although, the sadness is profound.It's done, darling!Okay, I know, still...And you really think I'm beautiful?Yes, we do, my love.After the shaving, the girl's head is smeared with turmeric balm.A consolation gift must cheer her up.Now we are all fine, thank you!"I know the drill but I still don't like it," thinks the boy.I feel the knife and my hair falls in my eyes!Are we there yet?

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