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Defensive wall around the fort with some domed structures.Stone where supposedly Akbar's favorite elephant was linked on during judicial proceedings.Example of stone carved fence with stars and hexagons.The hall of private audiences as seen from under gallery.Serpentine ceiling support system in red sandstone.Most famous pillar with massive crown, as seat for emperor.Crown of pillar.Looking through a succession of rooms at the palaces.Elephant tower seen from behind the trees.Dry fountain pit in front of shade offering gallery and platform.Extensive decorated and heavy blocks to support the ceiling.Detail of lotus decoration in beam.Panch Mahal palace.Many pillars to support the multilevel structures.Look at the swimming pool and other parts of the palace.Entrance into the palace.Doorway with balcony.One of the many decorated pillars.Looking through the palace.Wall carving in stone of grapes.

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