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White clock tower and banners downtown Xian, China.Traffic at corner off city Wall, Xian, China.Colorful public bus on highway downtown Xian, China.Cars and public bus on highway downtown Xian, China.Motel 168 and train downtown Xian, China.Modern tall buildings behind park, Xian, China.park with seniors in front of tall buildings, Xian, China.Senior gather around gaming in park, Xian, China.Buildings under construction in downtown Xian, China.Stopped traffic ar roundabout in Xian, China.Modern tall buildings and traffic, Xian, China.Heavy car traffic downtown Xian, China.Nuclear Power Plant, Xian, China.2 workers in blue garb sort recyclable plastic downtown Xian, Ch1 worker in blue garb sorts recyclable plastic downtown Xian, Ch

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