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Map of the temple grounds displayed at entrance.The Sanmon or Main Gate to the temple grounds.Welcome and cleaning fountain at temple courtyard, called The Trough of Purification.The altar at the Amitabha hall, where Buddha meditates.Roof structure.Roofs of the temple building.Roof structure of the temple buildings.Detail of the extensive wood carvings on the temple buildings.Crest and roof structure.View in Hojo Garden.View in Hojo Garden.Old water pit covered with bamboo shield.The Phoenix or Garuda on top of one temple building.Small shrine on the temple grounds with Phoenix on top.Smaller shrine on the temple grounds set on the hill side.The Kemuri-Kaburi: Metal receptacle with sand top functions as the place to light and offer incense sticks.Seal on the incense burning receptacle.Statue on the temple grounds.View in Yuzen-en garden.

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