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Low land forest in front of mountains.Snowpacks on the mountains.Ice sheet on the waters between two glaciers.Small ice rocks floating on the water in the fjord.Looking out of the fjord to the ocean.Green on the south side of the mountains.Approaching the end of the fjord.Remnants of small glacier.Sun paints glacier water greenish.Smaller glacier ends in the fjord.Mirroring the scenery in the fjord's water.Ending of smaller glacier in focus.Spectacular scenery mirrored in fjord's water.Wide shot on the ending of the smaller glacier in the fjord's water.Hubbard glacier comes into the picture.Ice sheet in front of Hubbard glacier.Majestic Hubbard glacier behind ice sheet.Sun turns ice blue.Cracking ice moves slowly downward between mountains.Close up of huge wall of ice.

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