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Cat Cat: Rice terraces in winter.Ban Pho: Terraces in the foggy mountains.Cat Cat: Barn set in winter rice terraces.Ban Pho: Terraces in the foggy mountains.Lao Chai: Farms surrounded by submerged terraces.Cat Cat: Valley floor in winter.Cat Cat: House set in terraces - winter scene.Lao Chai: Farm houses set in submerged terraced paddies.Lao Cai Province: Making rice paddies ready at begin of the season.Ta Van: View from Ta Van over the valley.Lao Cai Province: Young rice stalks that will be replanted in the paddies.Red River delta: Plowing the paddies.Northern Mountains: Working the paddies with the help of the buffalo.Binh Dinh: Plowing and leveling rice field.Binh Dinh: Plowing and leveling rice field.Lao Cai Province: Harrowing by hand in a rice paddy.Lao Cai Province: manually leveling a rice paddy withe the help of a boom.Red River Delta: Planting rice in the paddies.Lao Cai Province: Manually planting rice.Red River Delta: Planting rice.

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