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Cemetery is close to Shinnyo-do Temple.Top of the pagoda of Shinnyo Temple.shinnyo-do temple as background for the cemetery.Tombs with the Pagoda of the Shinnyo-do temple in the background.Alley through the cemetery.Main alley cuts through the center of the cemetery.Older tombs at the cemetery.Walls of prayer tablets, called To-Ba, and tomb stones.Alley leading to a pyramid of very small tomb stones.The pyramid consists of small tomb stones put together.A bodhisattva figure on top of the pyramid.The Amitabha Buddha is part of the pyramid.A small Buddhist shrine placed under a wooden roof in the middle of the cemetery.One of the larger tombstones, often used as a family plot.Large tombstone used as a family plot.Alley at the cemetery with Shinnyo-do temple building in the background.Older tombstones put together.A decoration that resembles a Shivalingam set in the lotus.Small statues covered with an apron.Detail of the site with the small statues,

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