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Northern wing of the Palace at Nagaur's Fort.Western wing of the palace at Nagaur's Fort.Sunshine creates confusion inside gallery of colums at Nagaur's Palace.View from above on reception area at Nagaur's Palace.One of the palaces at sunset.Arched entrance into Northern wing of Nagaur's palace.Shadow decorative domed structure at Nagaur's palace.Looking through broken window at Nagaur's Fort.Detail of palace facade.Sunset on the Eastern wing of Nagaur's palace.Western wing of Nagaur's palace.Looking out of the reception area at Nagaur's palace.Upper level at Nagaur's palace.View from the top of a palace on the courtyard.Looking through arched window on part of palace and rampart in Nagaur's fort.Triple pins decorate top of Nagaur's palace.Queen's quarters at Nagaur's palace.Entrance to the private courtyard of one queen's palace at Nagaur.Huge water vessel at Nagaur's palace.Portable bed, sedan, for queen at Nagaur's palace.

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