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Hanoi country side: Recycling operation outside Hanoi.Hanoi country side: Recycling transport outside Hanoi.Hanoi country side: Two motorbikes with bonsai trees.Lao Chai: Motorbike loaded with firewood.Hanoi flower market: Loaded to the maximum.Hanoi: Delivery bike.Hanoi: Commuters on the Long Bien bridge.Red River Delta: Transport of cows.Hanoi: Motorcycles in the streets of Hanoi.Traffic in Hanoi.Hanoi: Street scene in Old Quarters.Hanoi: Big bag on motorbike in Old Quarter.Cat Cat: Motorbike with firewood in the fog.Hanoi: Loaded up at the wholesale flower market going back to his store.Hanoi: Purchases for the day assembled upon the motorbike.Hanoi: Finding space to sit on the motorbike.Hanoi flower market: Purchases done, off to the retail store.Hanoi: bike and motorbike.Hanoi: Frigo box of famous brand.Bac Ha: Young Hmong woman riding motorbike.

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