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The temple seen from across the temple pond.Left the Gopuram above the main East entrance. To the right the Gopuram on the North side entrance.The temple tank, palm trees and billboards with commercial advertisements.The North entrance generally used as exit.The side of the East entrance Gopuram.Mandapams at the North exit.Mandapam at East exit.Mandapam in front of East entrance Gopuram.Statue in niche at entrance Mandapam.Statue in niche at entrance Mandapam.Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati sitting on Nandi the bull.Lord Murugan and his two wives sitting onThe ceiling of the mandapam leading to the entrance of the temple.Th entrance of the temple.Detail of the ceiling of the mandapam.Ceiling of the mandapam.Detail of wall painting on temple wall under madapam.Detail of wall painting under mandapam.Sri Karpagam, the main idol in the temple.Lord Shiva at entrance of temple.

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