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Monumental entrance to the Nagara Mandapam.Top of the entrance shows the wedding of Shiva with Meenakshi.Double lucky: Ganesha with Devi Riddhi both sitting on the rat, Ganesha's mount.Murugan on his mount the peacock and his two wives painted on the wall.Monumental entrance to the Nagara Mandapam shows Lakshmi showered by her two elephants.One of the Nayaks on his giant horse and on the other side, the mythological beast , the Yali or Vidala.One of the Nayak kings on his horse in attacking mode.The Yali or Vidala. A mythological beast.Another Nayak king attacks.The Yali or Vidala.The Nayak crushes his enemies.The dancing Lord Shiva standing on an elephant's head.Another Nayak attacks.A dog licks the vagina of a woman.Goddess Meenakshi with three breasts.Ganesha on his mount, the rat.Tailor works in his shop.The tailor sows a garment.Brass ornaments for sale.Young man helps in the shop of his dad.

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