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Walkway to the Castillo with official sign.Large lawn in front of the Castillo.Light house peeks over the rampart.Top of the entrance gate to the castillo.View from inside the Castillo on the lighthouse and three flags.Three flags and the lighthouse.The three flags on top of the Castillo.The three flags on top of the Castillo.Central courtyard of the Castillo.Southeast lookout tower seen from top deck of the Castillo.Southwest lookout tower.Northeast lookout tower.Closeup on the Northeast lookout tower.The ramparts facing the ocean.Looking eastward from the upper deck of the Castillo.Looking eastward from the upper deck of the Castillo.Small watchtower on upper deck of Castillo.The entrance to the bay as seen from the Castillo.The Atlantic Ocean and the entrance to the bay.Lookout tower watching the entrance to the bay.

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