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Selling fruit on a street market.Veggies and fruits on sale at street market.Goats clean up the veggie trash.Onions are in high demand, and expansive.The wares are spread open on a tarp.This man will iron and fold your laundry.Organizing betel leaves.Covered walkway to the Kumbeswarar Temple is also a market place.Pastel painted ceiling of the covered walkway-market to the Kumbeswarar temple.Navaratri decorations and fruit.View from the roof upon market street near Kumbeswarar temple.Decorated gate of walkway to the Kumbeswarar temple.Fruit and flower leaves for sale in the street.Bringing more fruit to the street market vendors.Hardware shop.Part of the knife selection at hardware shop.Selection of kitchen utensils at hardware shop.Book store in walkway to Kumbeswarar temple.All alleys leading to the temple are street markets.Bringing fresh eggs to market with a motorcycle.

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