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Both forts, the Raj Mahal and the Jehanghir Mahal as seen from downtown.Looking from atop the stables in the fort to downstream Betwa River.Courtyard of Raja Mahal.Wall paintins inside the Raja Mahal.Ceiling inside Raja Mahal.Heavy rings to hang sun cover over the courtyards.Abundance of arches.Looking through the Raja Mahal.Upper level.Close up of the river side front of the Jehanghir Mahal.Detail of the Jahangir Mahal.Decorated doorway of the entrance to the Jehanghir Mahal at the side facing the river.Detail of entrance to the Jehanghir Mahal.Side of courtyard.Vultures on their nest at top of dome.Top level of the Jehanghir Mahal.Looking from Raja Mahal to Jehanghir Mahal.Support of the ceiling.Detail of the Raja Mahal.Pins to deter elephants pushing against the door.

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