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Quiet corner near the temples.Large manion to be remodeled into a hotel.Large mansion under remodeling into a hotel.Billboard promoting a soccer tournament.Small shop selling basic necessities in front of temple.Bike of vendor selling plastic buckets.Modern new house near temple.Gopuram of main entrance to Shiva temple.Gopuram of main entrance to Shiva temple.The Kalasha, the top of Gopuram.Dwarapalakas on Gopuram.Shiva on his bull, Lakshmi showered by elephants.Corner of Gopuram: Shiva and Parvati together at their home in Kailash atop the multi-headed Ravana.Corner of Gopuram with multiple statues.Corner of gopuram showing Lord Shiva known as “Maha Sadashiva Murthy”Corner of Gopuram with cute Shivalingam.Side of Gopuram, shows Shiva as the supreme teacher with an elephant on the wall in front of the Gopuram.Devi Saraswati on top of Gopuram.Shiva as supreme teacher, at the center of two levels.Gopuram above side entrance.

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