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Close up of tower on the rampart of Tughlaqabad Fort.The ruins.Overview of some of the ruins at Tuglaqabad Fort.View through arched gate on the stupa at the Tughlaqabad Fort.Ancient ox powered mill at Tughlaqabad Fort.Ancient gate leading into ruin of palace at Tughlaqabad Fort.Shepherd with goat at the ruins of Tughlaqabad Fort.Restants of the ramparts at Tughlaqabad Fort.Detail of the rampart at Tughlaqabad Fort.Wide footed defensive towers on the ramparts of Tughlaqabad Fort.Remnants of horse stables at Tughlaqabad Fort.Stables and soldier quarters at the ruins of Tughlaqabad Fort.Ruined tower and other arched structures at Tughlaqabad Fort.Steps in between yard thick walls leading to arched gate at Tughlaqabad Fort.View on ancient small mosque at Tughlaqabad Fort.Closer view on the ancient underground shopping area at Tughlaqabad Fort.View through the underground shopping area at Tughlaqabad Fort.View on part of the city of New Delhi from Tughlaqabad Fort.Rampart.Rampart.

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