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Lagore Gate.View on the corner with dome of the defensive wall of the Red Fort.Drum palace as first building of the complex.Looking through the gate of the Drum House on to Lagore Gate.Closer view on Lagore Gate through the arc of the Drum House.Flowers are plenty on the murals of the Drum House.Fading colors of painting on the wall of a palace.Top of column at one of the palaces.Throne balcony in marble, with lay-in decorations.Reflection of one of the palaces in one of the pools.Reception area of one of the palaces in white marble.Closer view on the domes of the private mosque of the emperor.Picture of balance in the room where the emperor had to decide disputes.Another look inside one of the palaces.One of the few restored stone decorations.Structure dating from the British period.Pavilion in the garden.Well armed guards protect the Red Fort.

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