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Collection of small stupas in the park.Remnant of an ancient well inside the ruins.Collection of old small stupas.Remnant of sculpted sandstone.Three young female visitors at the park.Corner of old stupa is spot of worship or remembrance showing sign of candle wax and gold paper.Small altar like structure in the ruins.Sanctuary in the ruins.Pieces of stone completely covered in gold paper.THE stupa appears over the ruins.The Dhamekh Stupa in Sarnath.Stove-pipe hat stupa.Young woman in front of stupa.Majestic stupa against blue skies.Buddhist monks lead group of pilgrims around the stupa.Monk in solitude walking around the stupa.Worshipping the stupa?Touching and kissing the stupa.Mural in the stupa.alcove and stone carvings in the stupa.

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